/dʒʌmp / (say jump)

verb (i)
1. to spring clear of the ground or other support by a sudden muscular effort; propel oneself forwards, backwards, upwards, or downwards; leap.
2. to move or go quickly: she jumped into a taxi.
3. to rise suddenly or quickly: he jumped from his chair.
4. to move suddenly or abruptly, as from surprise or shock; start: the sudden noise made him jump.
5. Draughts to capture an opponent's piece by moving over it to an unoccupied square.
6. to rise suddenly in amount, price, etc.
7. to pass abruptly, ignoring intervening stages: to jump to a conclusion.
8. to change suddenly: the traffic lights jumped from green to red.
9. to move or change suddenly, haphazardly, or aimlessly: she kept jumping from one thing to another without being able to concentrate.
10. (of a typewriter) to omit letters, etc., because of a defect.
11. Horseracing, Greyhound Racing (of a horse or dog) to leave the barrier at the start of a race.
12. Colloquial (of a wound, etc.) to hurt; throb.
13. Contract Bridge to bid exceptionally and unnecessarily high in order to indicate additional strength.
14. (of a computer) to leave the sequence of instructions in a program and start obeying a different sequence elsewhere in the program.
15. Colloquial (of a room, bar, club, etc.) to be full of excited activity: the joint was really jumping.
verb (t)
16. to leap or spring over: to jump a stream.
17. to cause to jump or leap.
18. to skip or pass over; bypass: *a series of mishaps on the rail network in recent months, including derailments, delays and train drivers jumping red signals. –aap news, 2000.
19. Draughts, etc. to capture (an opponent's piece) by moving over it to an unoccupied square.
20. Bridge to raise (the bid) by more than the necessary overcall.
21. to abscond from or evade by absconding.
a. to seize or occupy (a mining claim, etc.) on the ground of some flaw in the holder's title.
b. to encroach on the rights of (another).
23. (of a train) to spring off or leave (the track).
24. Colloquial to attack suddenly without warning.
25. Colloquial (taboo) to have sexual intercourse with.
26. the act of jumping; a leap.
27. a space or obstacle or apparatus cleared in a leap.
28. a descent by parachute from an aeroplane.
29. a sudden rise in amount, price, etc.
30. a sudden upward or other movement of an inanimate object.
31. an abrupt transition from one point or thing to another, with omission of what intervenes.
32. Colloquial a head start in time or space; advantageous beginning.
33. Sport any of several athletic games which feature a leap or jump.
34. Film a break in the continuity of action due to a failure to match action between a long shot and a closer shot of the same scene.
35. a sudden start, as from nervous excitement.
36. (plural) a physical condition characterised by such starts; restlessness; anxiety.
37. Colloquial (taboo) an act of sexual intercourse.
38. for (or on) the (high) jump(s), Colloquial up for trial.
39. get the jump on, Colloquial to take by surprise; get an advantage over.
40. go jump (in the lake), Colloquial (an expression of annoyance or dismissal.)
41. jump at, Colloquial to accept eagerly; seize: he jumped at the chance of a new job.
42. jump bail, Colloquial to abscond when at liberty following the payment of bail money.
43. jump down someone's throat, Colloquial to speak suddenly and sharply to someone.
44. jump for joy, to be extremely delighted.
45. jump on (or upon), Colloquial to scold; rebuke; reprimand.
46. jump one's horse over the bar, Obsolete Colloquial to exchange one's horse for alcoholic drink.
47. jump out of one's skin, Colloquial to be frightened suddenly.
48. jump ship, to leave a ship, especially one on which one, as a passenger or as a crew member, is expected or contracted to remain.
49. jump the box, Prison Colloquial to give evidence in the witness box.
50. jump the counter, Prison Colloquial to commit an armed robbery.
51. jump the gun,
a. (of a competitor in a race) to begin before the starting gun has fired.
b. Colloquial to begin prematurely; be overeager.
52. jump the lights, Colloquial (of a motor vehicle or driver) to take off at a set of traffic lights before they have turned green.
53. jump the point, Colloquial to assume command of an establishment, situation, place of business, etc.
54. jump the queue, to overtake a queue; obtain something out of one's proper turn.
55. jump the rattler, Colloquial to ride illegally on a goods train.
56. jump to it, Colloquial to move quickly; hurry.
57. jump up and down, Colloquial
a. to show anxiety or impatience by constant movement.
b. (sometimes followed by about) to make a fuss: you won't get any results unless you jump up and down about it.
58. one jump ahead, in a position of advantage.
59. take a (running) jump (at yourself), Colloquial
a. (an impolite dismissal indicating the speaker's wish to end the conversation.)
b. (an impolite instruction to someone to reconsider their attitude or performance.)
60. the jump, Horseracing, Greyhound Racing the start of a race when the horses or dogs leave the barrier or stalls.
{apparently imitative}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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